What we do:

ESN Technikum Wien was founded in October 2015. Our team currently consists of 17 active members (18 with our lovely mascot), who'll make sure that you'll have the best semester of your whole studies!
All of our members are volunteers providing you trips, parties and much more so that you remember the next semester as the greatest you have ever had!

Join Us!

Whether you have been on Erasmus, want to go or not, Erasmus is something you can also experience in Austria. You would have the possibility to get to know many international students from all around the world, attend cool events like trips around europe and be part of an amazing team.
If that sounds interesting to you, try attending one of our monthly meetings or one of our many events, you can still decide afterwards whether you want to become a full member or maybe just come to our events sometimes ;)
When are those meetings? That kinda depends when we have time for it, if you want to be invited for the next one or just generally have questions about us please reach out to [email protected], we would be happy to help or meet you!
Our Events can be found under the events tab here or on our Facebook and are also a great way to get a feeling of how being part of ESN is.

Our Team:

  • Claudio Rebernig (President)
  • Pauline Riedel (Vice President)
  • Georg Löffler (Treasurer)
  • Mateo Vasconez (Communication Manager)
  • ​Melissa Schmidt (Team Motivator)
  • Nico Plattner
  • Pai-Ting Lee
  • ​Peter Alexander Eftimov
  • Iris Kiss
  • Leandro Llorca
  • Samed Beqari
  • Essam Hassan
  • ​Jonah Mühlhausen
  • Sabine Mayer
  • Arnel Arnautovic
  • Emilia Gaydarova
  • Gabriel Asherov
  • Michelle Haas
  • Janine Haas


  • Andrew Android (Mascot)