Since our last picnic went quite well, we want to repeat it! :)

On sunday, 1st of May (national holiday), we'll be having a picnic beside the Danube with music, volleyball, friends and hopefully a lot of sun. :)
(If the weather is not good, we'll have to postpone it)

Like last time, it'll be at Lagerwiese Romaplatz, right next to the volleyball court.

You can invite whoever you want - the more, the merrier!

We'll start it at 12:30, since the chance is by then quite low for the volleyball court to be taken by other people.

Bring your own food, drinks, snacks, blanket and whatever you need! Since it's sunday, most stores will be closed. So either buy your stuff in advance, or go to Billa Praterstern, if you want to get it right before the picnic.

ESN Technikum Wien will provide:

-) a volleyball
-) speaker + music
-) cards
-) beer, water, red bull, kaahee

Hope to see you all there! :)

01/05/2016 - 12:30